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Aon Risk Settlement - Overseas

Insurance of pension scheme liabilities is now a common strategy amongst UK pension schemes. What about overseas?

How big are the overseas pensions insurance markets and what appetite is there from overseas sponsors to insure pension risk?

In the UK we often see the successful integration of member options and insurance strategies. Is this a global theme?

What about trends in other countries?

What does the future hold for insurance of pension liabilities globally?

What are global companies doing to prioritise the territories in which they first de-risk their pension liabilities?

What should sponsors and trustees be doing to gain the best risk settlement opportunities?

Aon Risk Settlement - Longevity Risk

In this episode, we talk to our longevity risk experts Matt Fletcher and Tim Gordon about the blips and trends happening with Longevity Risk.

Aon Risk Settlement - Longevity Swaps

In this episode we look at the Longevity swap market with Hannah Cook and Tom Scott.

• What is a longevity swap?

• How does the market work?

• What are the different structural options?

• Are longevity swaps accessible to all of pension schemes?

• Is pricing attractive?

• How compatible are longevity swaps with later conversion to annuity purchase?

Aon Risk Settlement - Long-term Strategy

In this episode, we look at the long-term strategy with John Baines and Dominic Grimley.

What typically is a long-term strategy?

Buyout. Reaching a point of “self-sufficiency”. Do schemes view on this long-term outcome change over time?

AonRisk Settlement- Bulk Annuities

Why are bulk annuities relevant to a pension scheme? How can a scheme assess whether a bulk annuity terms are good value for money?

What levels of pricing are we seeing in the market? When is the best time for a market approach? What data cleanse is required before going to market? What other preparatory work is required before a market approach is made?What trends do you think will take shape over the next few years? What are the options for smaller schemes?

Is medical underwriting still relevant? What is your best tip for completing a transaction? Find out in this episode of the Aon Pensions Podcast.

Aon Risk Settlement - De-Risking market overview

In this episode, we talk to Martin Bird Head of Risk Settlement and Mike Edwards about the current state of the de-risking market. Review of 2017 activity, when over £18bn of risk was transferred to bulk annuity and longevity swap providers.

Findings from Aon’s first Risk Settlement survey carried out in late 2017?

A review of the bulk annuities market, examining a year of strong market opportunities, and looking at how schemes – even smaller ones – can achieve success. Long-term strategies – the best approaches to buy-in and buyout, and why preparation is key. The state of play in the longevity swap market.

Longevity risk issues to consider. The overseas market for risk settlement.

A look forward to the rest of 2018, when the bulk annuities market is expected to exceed £30bn for the first time ever.

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