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Services: Longevity Hedging

Longevity risk has proved in recent years to be increasingly hard to predict and is recognised as being increasingly important in assessing the overall risk profiles of UK pension schemes. Aon can help you to quantify and explain longevity and mortality risk, put this in the context of wider (e.g. investment) risks, and then explore opportunities to help you manage this risk, whatever your scheme size.

As the recognised industry leaders in the longevity risk transfer market, we can help you to decide whether hedging this risk through longevity insurance, in isolation, or alongside financial risks, should be a priority - and if so we can select and implement the hedging solution which makes most strategic and financial sense for you.

We have advised on all types of structures and will provide an unbiased view on the pros and cons of the various alternatives, ensuring that any decisions you make will be fully informed.

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