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Webinar replay: Forecasting longevity whilst living in interesting times

During this webinar, specialists from Aon’s Demographic Horizons™ team cover how the pandemic impacts longevity assumptions, for actuarial valuations and in relation to potential future risk settlement transactions.

Key topics that are discussed include:

  • Market consensus. The pandemic has so far failed to put a brake on longevity-related transactions – 2020 would have been a record risk settlement year if 2019 had not be so insanely busy. But the market activity does provide some insight into the clearing price of longevity, we provide Aon’s view on the market consensus on future mortality improvements, including covering the proposed approach to CMI_2020
  • Future outlook. In the midst of so-called ‘interesting’ times it is easy to be pessimistic about the future. And while of course there is a risk that future longevity could be much higher or lower than we’re expecting, we still need to home in on an appropriate best estimate. We review the different possible drivers and, where available, the actual evidence, particularly in relation to the impact of past recessions on mortality improvement.



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