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The right time – June 2020
Aon’s Stephen Purves asks if 2020 could be the bulk annuity market opportunity that smaller schemes have been waiting for? This article was first published in Pension Age.

Sizing up commercial consolidators as a settlement option – May 2020
Aon’s John Baines looks at the ‘middle ground’ option of commercial consolidation in this article first published in Professional Pensions.

Finding the right approach – May 2020
Hannah Cook looks at how to structure and access the best pricing when longevity hedging. First published in Pensions Age.

Risk settlement - it’s not just about benefits and data – assets matter! – May 2020
Aon’s Lucy Barron discusses questions to ask when planning buy-ins and buyouts in this article, first published in Professional Pensions.


Knowing yourself – December 2019
Pensions Age talks to Karen Gainsford about the importance of understanding behavioural traits when implementing a de-risking solution.

Is it better to have loved and lost... or is it? – August 2019
Fear of regret can be a paralysing factor when making important decisions. John Baines explains why it is important for trustees to overcome this cognitive bias in this article, first published in Professional Pensions.

Feeling pained about paying to reduce pension risk? There's a cure for that – July 2019
Aon senior partner Martin Bird shares some of the findings of our research into trustees’ and sponsors’ behavioural biases. First published in Professional Pensions.

Getting stuck in the status quo – July 2019
Mike Edwards reveals how status quo bias may be preventing schemes from reducing their longevity risk.

Navigating new waters in your pension scheme? Get a map! – June 2019
Karen Gainsford explores the help available for trustees making decisions regarding their scheme’s longevity risk in this article, first published in Pensions Age.


Longevity improvements and regime shifts – July 2018
Tim Gordon considers the slowdown in longevity rates and how pension funds can use these findings in this article, first published in Pensions Age.

Risk settlement: operating in a busy bulk annuity market
With 2018 predicted to break records for buy-ins and buyouts, Mike Edwards advises schemes to focus on their ‘go to market’ strategy in this article, first published in Professional Pensions.


Aon says UK bulk annuity market is set to beat all records in 2018
Aon plc (NSYE:AON) is predicting that 2018 will be a bumper year for the UK bulk annuity market, with transactions reaching £30 billion for the first time.

Aon says stars are aligning in UK pension scheme bulk annuity market
Aon plc (NYSE:AON), has said that after a relatively slow start to the year, the second half of 2017 is shaping up to be a bumper period for the bulk annuity market. Extremely attractive pricing – with levels currently at a 10 year high – and plentiful capacity as insurers hunt for deals, are all driving an increase in activity.

Aon says longevity market pricing is back in synch
Aon plc (NYSE:AON), has said that at the halfway point of 2017, pricing in the longevity market is back in synch after the dislocation that occurred last year.

A phased approach to bulk annuity purchases can deliver the best outcome for your scheme – July 2017
Tiziana Perrella explores how a tranched approach can pay benefits in this article, first published in PMI News.

Longevity market opens up to smaller schemes – increasing the range of insurance options
Hannah Cook looks at the four reasons for the expansion of the longevity market in this article, first published in Professional Pensions.

Bulk annuities – the perfect asset (for the right price) – April 2017
Tiziana Perrella discusses factors that may put schemes off bulk annuities and provides guiding principles for trustees and sponsors when buying the asset, in this article, first published in Professional Pensions.

Getting ready for a bulk annuity transaction – April 2017
Securing pension scheme payouts via an insurance company needs careful preparation and a clear focus. John Baines, partner at Aon, looks at how to achieve this. This article was first published in Engaged Investor in April 2017.

Capturing the pricing peaks
Michael Walker explains why a phased approach in the bulk annuities space can help pension scheme funding in this article, first published in Pensions Age.

Aon advises on first longevity swap to annuity transition
In December 2016, the PGL Pension Scheme agreed to transform the insurance terms of the swap, replacing it with a £1.2bn annuity with Phoenix Life, which added to the risk transferred from the scheme.

Aon says bulk annuity market behaviour is being driven by Solvency II changes
There are clear signs that changes in regulation are changing behaviour – and the timing of deals – in the pension scheme bulk annuity market.

Aon carries out successful ETV exercise for the Aon Minet Pension Scheme 33% take-up improves buy-out position by £60 million
Deferred members of the Aon Minet Pension Scheme were offered an enhanced transfer value for a limited period and were provided with paid-for independent financial advice to support their decisions.



Aon warns pension schemes of dislocation in longevity swap pricing
Counsels caution on transacting at present

Aon creates Liability Settlement team to accelerate buy-out process
Sees increased demand from schemes to embrace new approaches

Smiths Group completes £250m buy-in with PIC

Aon’s Compass shows pension schemes the pathway to bulk annuity purchase

Aon launches service to help schemes with bulk annuity purchases

Glass manufacturer Pilkington secures £230m buy-in with PIC

Aon Retirement Plan completes £900m buy-in


Longevity reinsurance and risk settlement
The longevity reinsurance market is critical to all settlement transactions. In this article, first published in PMI News, Tom Scott explains why.

A growing market for risk settlement
Will the bulk annuity market get squeezed? Dominic Grimley investigates in this article, first published in Professional Pensions.

Pension Insurance Corporation insures £900 million of Aon Retirement Plan
Pension Insurance Corporation (“PIC”), a specialist insurer of defined benefit pension funds, has concluded a pension insurance buy-in with the Trustees of the Aon Retirement Plan ("the Plan"), for a premium of around £900 million. The transaction covers the majority of pensioner liabilities across two sections of the segregated Plan.

Mitigating risks
In this article, first published in Pensions Age, Hannah Cook explains why the longevity hedging market is changing.

Ways of bridging the affordability gap
There are steps on the de-risking road that pension scheme trustees can take to help reduce the cost of a bulk annuity. In this article, first published in Engaged Investor, John Baines identifies ways of bridging the affordability gap.

A growing market for risk settlement
In this article, first published in Professional Pensions, Martin Bird answers questions on risk settlement options for schemes.

How to get your bulk annuity deal to the front of the insurer queue
By Michael Walker, first published in Pensions Expert. The bulk annuity market is thriving, with many insurers having strong pipelines of potential deals. While this is good for insurers, pension schemes have to fight to be at the front of the queue at the crucial moment.
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