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Share Plan Services

Aon Rewards Solutions is a leading adviser on the implementation of incentive plans. We work with over 200 listed companies, including around a fifth of the FTSE 100, in connection with the operation of their incentive plans. We also support a number of large private companies, particularly those heading towards an IPO.

We aim to make implementation as easy and efficient as possible. Our services include:

  • Plan documentation: We can draft all incentive plan documentation, including plan rules, grant documentation, trust deeds, performance conditions and related corporate documentation. By combining the design stage with the implementation stage within one adviser, you can avoid gaps between your intentions for the plan and how it works in practice.
  • Technical support: We advise on the regulatory, tax, legal and accounting implications of incentive plans. We keep clients up-to-date with changes in these areas and provide practical advice on how they can respond. We engage directly with regulatory bodies and lobby on our clients' behalf. We also advise on wider issues, such as funding and share hedging strategies.
  • Global plans: We implement global plans and can provide advice on any jurisdiction into which incentives are awarded. We have our own regularly updated database of over 100 countries covering securities laws, exchange controls, taxation, labour laws, data protection and other local requirements such as translations. We are not tied to using any particular local adviser and so work with a network of experienced local advisers.
  • Employee communications: With the help of Aon's communications team we can provide you with employee communications which are clear and effective.
  • Special events: We regularly advise on special events such as one-off recruitment or retention packages and corporate events, such as takeovers, demergers and changes to a company's share capital.

Further information on our implementation services can be found in our brochure which can be downloaded here.

Click here to download the brochure.


Aon Consulting Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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