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Change Readiness Assessments


Organisations are constantly facing many different types of change from Corporate Transactions to implementing new workforce strategies. Leaders and strategists have used many methods to measure the readiness of the business as a whole to make the change. One of the key factors that should be addressed is the employee's readiness for change.

Assessing an individual's belief that the decisions made by the business are not just needed but are also within the organisation's capacity are essential.

Aon's Change Framework explores the individual's Understanding, Emotion, Ability and Intent towards an organisational change. By examining these key behaviors, our team of change consultants can identify which key levers an organisation should focus on in order to build momentum and enable change.

Using our standard Change Readiness tool, Aon can support your organisation through the change period to reduce the risk and cost of disengagement and accelerate the financial value of change initiatives.

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