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Continuous Listening & Dialogue


Continuous Listening (also sometimes referred to as Continuous Dialogue) is where an organisation gathers feedback more broadly across the employee lifecycle and at much more frequent intervals. As a result, best companies create open and dynamic environments which increases innovation, attract and retain talent and sustain their business for the long term.

The added value of a Continuous Listening Strategy

Organisations with the most advanced continuous dialogue strategies gather a wealth of feedback at different points of employment. Often it starts by understanding the on-boarding process during a new employee’s induction. It continues with frequently documented performance conversations. Annual engagement surveys are being replaced or augmented with quarterly or monthly pulse surveys. At the end of employment, exit surveys are conducted to understand why someone is leaving and their willingness to be recruited by the organisation again in the future.

Right questions at the right time

At the same time, a continuous listening strategy will fail if it only involves listening.

Without leaders and managers following up on what has been said and creating a dialogue with employees once the message is received, employees will feel their voice is irrelevant and there is a risk that employees will become disenchanted.

Aon's Modern Survey Platform is a cloud-based workforce measurement solution that combines feedback, benchmarks and data from enterprise systems to elucidate the correlation between employee engagement and company success.

How Aon can help

Implementing a Continuous Listening Strategy and generating constant dialogue can be challenging. In addition to our Modern Survey Platform, our consultants can guide and support you through critical considerations such as:

Objectives & Positioning -What talent decisions will Continuous Listening support? How can Continuous Listening help create a high-performance culture in your organisation?

Governance - What will be the role of HR? Leaders? Managers? How can employees play more of a role ?

Measurement & Content - What questions do you need answers to? How frequently do you need should you measure engagement?

Survey Timing - What is the best timing for different survey instruments and how do you avoid over-surveying?

Action - How do you make the most of all the data and insights? Who is responsible for taking action ?

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