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Employee Engagement & Insight Strategy


Regardless of size, industry or geography, every organisation makes significant investments in talent. Success requires visionary leaders, exceptional talent at all levels, and the right strategies to keep that talent engaged and focused.

Aon has over 30 years’ experience in employee research. Over time, our approach has evolved from satisfaction surveys to employee engagement surveys. We will help you increase employee engagement levels by providing you with extensive analysis, reporting and insights that enable you to influence employee behaviour and business results.

Basic Benchmarking

We work with clients of all sizes, ranging from large global companies requiring a highly customised, multi-language approach to smaller or less complex organisations looking for a more standardised, and cost-efficient approach that moves rapidly from measurement, to results, to action.

Aon is the world leader in designing and implementing employee engagement strategies across the full talent lifecycle. From surveys to actions which make engagement happen, we offer forward-looking solutions to help you:

  • Collect and analyse the right data to shape your engagement story
  • Overcome organisational barriers to making engagement happen
  • Understand what changes are required to create the culture needed for future success
  • Develop current an future leaders with a particular focus on developing Engaging Leader behaviours
Say Stay Strive

Aon’s Global Culture & Engagement Practice helps organisations move from ordinary levels of employee engagement to extraordinary levels. Our global consulting expertise and benchmarking data along with our employee lifecycle measurement technology will ensure that your team’s engagement accelerates to the extraordinary.

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