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Engagement Surveys: mThrive


Aon is the world leader in designing and implementing employee engagement improvement strategies. It is essential that a robust technology platform supports those strategies and mThrive is at the heart of Aon’s toolkit.

We ensure that your employees and your team not only have a beautiful user-experience but also powerful tools designed to enable immediate action.


Key Features:

  • Available in multiple languages throughout an enterprise cloud platform
  • Analytics and data explorer
  • Text and sentiment analysis
  • Integrated action planning
  • Built-in learning and support tools
  • Industry, geography and internal company benchmarks
  • Individual employee engagement reporting

The Employee Experience

Easy Feedback Interface

Easy Feedback Interface

The Manager Experience

Get to the Store Quickly

Get to the Store Quickly


Instant Individual Insight (i3)

Instant Individual Insight

Focus Action

Focus Action Focus Action


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