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Michael Herrod

Executive Vice President

Houston, TX

Phone: 832.476.5834

Paul Healy

National Director of Contract Surety

Boston, MA

Phone: 617.457.7719

Jeff Leadley

Regional Director

Chicago, IL

Phone: 312.381.2158

George Gionis

Regional Director

Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 215.255.1727

Marisa Thielen

Regional Director

Washington, DC 20006

Phone: 202.862.5394

Bruce Young

Regional Director

Houston, TX

Phone: 832.476.6043

Rick Reyna

Managing Director

Dallas, TX 75204

Phone: 214.989.2194

Scott Bourdon

Director of GNY Commercial Surety

New York, NY

Phone: 973.463.6104

Jennifer L. Jakaitis

National Managing Director

Chicago, IL

Phone: 312.381.4581

Steve Loesch

AonBondLink Business Analyst

Chicago, IL

Phone: 312.381.4579