University: University of Exeter
Degree: MSc International Business Management, BA Philosophy
Current job title: Graduate Trainee
Why did you decide to join Aon?

My days are really varied. At the moment I’m assisting in the development of a proposition that will revolutionise the Defined Contribution (DC) pensions space within Aon and the market as a whole. The DC landscape is changing due to a series of regulatory modifications that affect scheme financing. The proposition will allow Aon to adapt to these changes, while maintaining our position as a market leader through an innovative service offering. It’s been a great learning curve to work on a project that will have a big impact on the business going forward.

I’m also involved with DC client work. This involves providing consultation around the design, implementation and maintenance of pension products. I engage with clients regularly and assist them with any questions that need answering, prepare presentations for members’ meetings and write governance reports to ensure their pensions are performing at a good level. I attend meetings on a regular basis and no two clients are ever the same. This diversity is great when you’re learning about the industry as a graduate.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been working on a Graduate Project. The project team is composed of graduates from across Aon, which is fantastic as I’ve gained a deeper understanding of what Aon Benfield and the Global Broking Centre do. Our project was to define and scope a claims dashboard for reporting to the Global Broking Centre Leadership Team. This has been a challenging project but hopefully the business will take it on and use the dashboard going forward. This is a great example of how anyone can have an impact on the way that Aon works.

Since joining Aon, I’ve been given lots of opportunities to get involved with projects outside of my normal role. This year I’ve taken part in a mentoring programme where I helped Year 9 students gain a better understanding of career opportunities and developed their employability skills. This was an enormously rewarding experience. I’ve learnt a lot from the students and developed my own leadership and organisation skills. You could be as creative as you liked in mentoring sessions and I tried my best to make them as fun as possible. I’ve also worked with an American graduate in developing a global newsletter for the business. We were given free rein to create what we thought would be most appealing to the Aon audience. This has been a great project to be involved with as I got to meet colleagues from different areas of the business who are located across the world.

University: University of Greenwich
Degree:Business Management
Current job title: Employee Benefits Associate Consultant
What attracted you to the Aon Graduate Programme?

I first heard about Aon from their sponsorship deal with Manchester United and started to research a little more about the company from there. I realised that they had a very well established Graduate programme from the start of my research and felt like their programme would be the one that supported me in the best way.

What have you learnt in your time at Aon?

I’ve learnt a huge amount since I’ve joint Aon! I could be here for days listing everything. I’d say one of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt since joining Aon is the importance of time management and being organised.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day is difficult to describe. Every day varies. As a general rule I will begin my day by opening my emails and prioritising my tasks for the day into order of importance. Once I have my list prioritised I will begin to plan my day by allocating slots in my diary for each task that needs completing during the day.

What have you enjoyed most about your Graduate Programme?

The Graduate Programme is a fantastic networking opportunity. It provides you with exposure to senior employees across the company that you otherwise may not get exposed to at such early stages in your career.

What’s next for you at Aon?

That’s a great question. Right now I think my main aim is to get as much varied exposure and experience as possible. I honestly believe that from the Aon Graduate Scheme this has provided me with the perfect platform to achieve this goal.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for the upcoming Aon Graduate or Internship programme?

I think it’s vitally important to be yourself and ensure that you show off your personality during the application process. Your CV is there to show off your skills and accomplishments, I think it’s important to show some more about your personality during the rest of the application process.