Decision making
in complex and volatile times

Maintain or
Increase Revenue

Many companies have seen their revenues dry up as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and no industry is completely immune. Leaders must now identify strategies that help maintain or increase revenue, especially as they prepare for the unknown.

For some, this may be a time to tap loss warranties, focus on recapitalisation or rethink their asset/liability management. Being able to pivot their business models and serve customers in new ways or adjust their value proposition will also go a long way in helping companies to keep revenues afloat, including finding ways to provide the same or a similar service or value virtually.

And to further shield against revenue loss, companies should analyse their risk mitigation opportunities as well as any investment opportunities. Even in an uncertain climate, there are long-term opportunities that companies can take advantage of if they’re able to fully analyse the risk involved. Another layer of revenue enhancement will be determining how to monetise intangible assets on their balance sheet.

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