Aon have dedicated specialist industry teams that have a deep understanding of the specific needs and requirements within each specialist industry. Our experience with helping organisations overcome their unique challenges has allowed us to refine our solutions for a number of industries that other brokers may not cover.

Specialist industry insurance includes:



Aon is the lead provider for insurance and risk management solutions to the Fiji tourism sector. Our expertise includes tailoring insurance response to the unique risks faced by the industry along with providing support for risk management initiatives to optimize insurance placements.

Globally, insurers have limited capability to ensure natural disaster risk for Fiji and most of our large resorts are faced with coastal risk such as cyclone, sea surge and tsunami. Aon is uniquely placed with risk management services and global resources to prepare and market insurances in achieving 100% placement reflective of risk and resorts requirements.

To find out more about Aon Tourism insurance, please get in touch with your local Aon insurance broker today.


Aon provides comprehensive insurance and risk management services to the aviation industry. Through Aon’s global aviation network, we are uniquely qualified to customise, market and service all insurance and risk management solutions for individual aviators and aviation related businesses.

We can provide aviation insurance and risk management solutions for:

  • Aero clubs, gliding clubs and training organisations
  • Aircraft leasing
  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Aviation industry associations
  • Civil aviation authorities
  • Commercial and corporate operators (fixed or rotor-wing)
  • Individual Aviators
  • Private operators (fixed or rotor-wing)
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) operators (Drones)
  • Service providers


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Aon’s specialist Construction practice is second to none the Pacific - both in experience and size. Our dedicated team successfully manages a multitude of projects; from domestic house construction & alterations, to some of the largest and most complex construction projects in Fiji, NZ and Asia Pacific.

We understand that every project is different. Our Construction team tailor strategies unique to each project, for the entire lifecycle of a project, helping clients manage and finance risk in the most efficient and effective way.

We have expertise to support organisations from project planning to completion, including:

  • Achieving best possible outcome on claims and covers.
  • Alignment and consistency with organisation’s risk and insurance practices.
  • Analysis of uninsured contractual and project risks.
  • Best practice risk transfer.
  • Claims procedure including engagement with Aon Risk Management for claim consulting where applicable.
  • Industry knowledge on legislation and claim trends.
  • Negotiating with insurers to achieve cover and price enhancements.
  • Risk transfer including compliance with complicated contractual requirements.
  • Training and up skilling project and commercial managers.
  • Understanding transition from construction insurance to operational insurance ensuring no gaps in cover.


To find out more about Aon Construction insurance, please get in touch with your local Aon insurance broker today.


Aon Marine specialises in cargo and hull related risk and insurance arrangements. Insurance for large commercial hulls can be difficult to place locally and often limited cover is available from offshore insurers. Aon can provide a number of innovative solutions and cover options for marine insurance.

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