Global Assessment and Talent Engine

It is said that Napoleon had a unique way of recruiting his troops. He would have his astrologers read the horoscopes of the candidates to check if they were lucky for him!

Few decisions are as important as selecting the people who will help the organization succeed. Even when your labor pool is flooded with job seekers, it is difficult to identify just the right employees to move the organization forward. A valid testing system takes the guesswork out of building a pool of qualified, job-ready candidates. Well-designed pre-employment tests are known to be strong predictors in identifying those who will be successful on the job.

Aon Hewitt's new G.A.T.E. system

Aon Hewitt now offers its pre-employment assessments on a new platform: Global Assessment and Talent Engine™ (G.A.T.E.). G.A.T.E. is a modern assessment system, allowing candidates to take the assessments from anywhere in the world, from any internet-accessible computer or SMART device, and in many supported languages. A hiring manager instantly receives individual candidate results and a dashboard of predictors, tagging the candidate qualified or not qualified.

  • Broadens the applicant pool, reaching even the most mobile of applicants and allowing them to take assessments anytime, anywhere.
  • Reaches more bilingual candidates than ever before, allowing test takers to toggle between test items written in different languages.
  • Ensures a secure testing environment, via the scrambling of questions and responses, so that no two candidates “see” the exact same test.
  • Supports the same legally defensible tests that you are used to using from Aon Hewitt
  • Supports custom-developed tests that our staff of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists develop for you
  • Allows you to “customize” the applicant experience, so that the testing look and feel supports your organization’s brand.
  • Instantly sends results to the hiring manager any way he/she wants to receive them–on-line, email, text message along with behavioral interview probes to standardize the process.

Identifying the Best Candidates, Hiring the Right Employees

Aon Hewitt's pre-employment tests:

  • Improve on-the-job and training performance
  • Decrease turnover
  • Identify candidates with the required “select for” skills
  • Pin-point “gems” in a large candidate pool
  • Reduce costs associated with poor selection decisions
  • Improve on-the-job safety behavior

Aon Hewitt's Assessments Deliver Value

Aon Hewitt's Talent and Organization practice has been a world leader in the design and implementation of reliable and valid pre-employment tests for over 30 years. Our doctorate-level Industrial-Organizational Psychologists partner with clients to implement pre-employment testing, both custom assessments and ready-to-implement products, for a wide range of the jobs found in today's private and public sector organizations, from entry-level to executive. Our tests, taken by over 7 million candidates annually, objectively measure the abilities, skills, and personal attributes that predict job performance, behavior and retention. We help clients identify good from great employees; those who perform better, sell more, and stay on the job. Our legal track is unblemished as our tests are legally defensible.

Our assessments consistently yield a strong return on investment by hiring the employees who deliver on business goals. For example, in assessments developed for our clients, we have found the following outcomes:

  • A quick-service restaurant chain saved USD $2M annually through reduced turnover.
  • A real-estate development company realized a USD $6.8M increase in additional sales and reduced hiring costs.
  • A global systems and services company increased direct-sales close rates, translating into nearly USD $500,000 in additional sales annually for each highly qualified sales person.
  • A leading health benefits supplier saved USD $9.6M in selection and training costs.

Administration Options

Aon Hewitt supports implementation options that best suit your workplace needs, including internet-based assessments, mobile applications and paper-and-pencil mode. Our automated systems provide immediate, manager-level feedback.


For more information on the G.A.T.E. solution,or to schedule a demo, please contact Vikas Verma at [email protected]

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