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October 2022 / 5 Min Read

Cyber Security Comes Down to You


Today, we turn the spotlight on the human element of cyber risk captured by the theme — See Yourself in Cyber.

As a trusted advisor in managing cyber risk, the Aon Cyber Solutions team works with organizations of all sizes to build sustained cyber resilience. Mitigating cyber risk is an ongoing challenge, but each person can make a real difference in securing their workplace and their home.

We’ve seen sophisticated companies on the path to cyber resilience fall prey to an attack, even those who have invested heavily in the latest security tools and defense systems. Why? Because despite our best efforts, people are often the weakest link, giving a threat actor the initial foothold in the network they need.

By nature, we are fallible, and threat actors know this. We often lack awareness of key risks, how to protect ourselves against them, and the time needed to take action.

Over the course of this month, our team will share a series of short articles to help businesses and individuals navigate key cyber threats – and act. Knowing the signs of an attack or the steps to take to help keep your data safe might keep the lights on, at home and at work.

Ultimately, the enormity of the risk cannot be taken lightly.

Cyber-attacks continue to become more frequent, targeted, sophisticated, and costly. In 2022, it has taken organizations an average of 207 days to identify a breach and 70 days to contain it.1 As organizations continue to rapidly scale technology across the value chain, business interruption (BI) risk takes center stage. At home, embedded IoT devices continue to present great risks, and remote work ushers in a complex set of exposures.

Even in this very real and dynamic threat landscape, it is possible to stay safe online. We can learn to make better decisions around cyber security.

Welcome to 2022 Cyber Security Awareness Month. #BeCyberSmart.

1How Much Does a Data Breach Cost.” 2022 | IBM.

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