In Aon’s May 2020, paper Decision Making In Complex & Volatile Times: Keys to Managing COVID-19 we referenced ‘The Black Swan Decision Framework’ and outlined three distinct timeframes for Aon’s COVID-19 Crisis Management Model — React and Respond, Recover, and Reshape.

By Q2 2020 most organisations had navigated the React and Respond phases. It was at this point they found themselves at a crossroads – looking to the future and wondering what next. At a global level Aon decided to examine the issues that were being faced by all worldwide, explore how we could learn from each other and share solutions to navigate three fundamental areas of the economy: Working, Traveling and Convening.

With that purpose in mind, in August Aon brought together over 100 leading companies, across four continents from 10 major cities and a broad range of sectors, to share knowledge and explore some of the issues we were facing.

In Ireland, Aon set up a Coalition made up of leading Irish based employers and Ibec, Ireland’s largest business representative group, to explore their perspectives on the dynamic shift that was taking place across their operations.

The Coalition’s aim was to investigate and understand the challenges the pandemic had required organisations to face, and to share current and developing arrangements as they planned for the safe return to workplaces – with dynamic and evolving timelines. The Coalition also aimed to explore the sustainable approach required to managing and rewarding a remote workforce and preparing for the future of work in a post pandemic environment.

We were delighted to be joined by Coalition members from Accenture, AIB, Aon, A&L Goodbody, Bord Bia, Citi, KPMG, ICON plc, Irish Life and Ibec as we carried out this important work over the past number of months. We would like to thank them all for their involvement and valuable contributions.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that organisations around the world have had to tackle a set of once-in-a-lifetime challenges. Building resilience against other massive unexpected risks is a complex process – but one that can be achieved by convening people, ideas and outlooks. What follows is a collection of insights and learnings that can help define and navigate the path forward to a new better.” Peter Brady, Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Risk Solutions, Health Solutions & Affinity, Aon