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In the days of self-managing business risks, Aon is your reliable partner.
Irreversible tides of international competition and information have thrown us into a tempestuous period. While corporate risks have become more diversified, correspondingly risk hedging techniques have become more advanced and intricate in nature to deal with. A robust business platform can be established by taking risk initiatives of a global perspective at the management level. Risk management is a decisive key element for Japanese companies' development and survival under uncompromising competition. Risk management techniques have reached its sophistication, applying alternative risk transfer/financing methods in addition to traditional insurance. Unless applied properly with due care, those techniques will not generate expected outcomes.
Aon is committed to serving Japanese clients by bringing together our global expertise and resources, while also calling on our 90 years experience of servicing clients in this country.

Aon's Network in Japan is organized into business segments, which enable us to assist our clients in achieving their business goals.


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