Japan Update: Retirement, Benefit and Employment Issues

Update: Retirement, Benefit and Employment Issues

The update series covers changes in retirement, benefits and employment issues in Japan. We review hot-topics as they arise. We hope that these reports provide a useful summary and can be used to explain some of the emerging issues to colleagues and managers outside Japan. If you have any questions about the reports, our services or would like to request a particular topic please email info.jp@aon.com 

日本における雇用や福利厚生に関する法改正等について最新情報をお知らせするものです。海外本社の人事部門へ最新情報をシェアする場合等に是非ご活用下さい。何かご不明点若しくは今後発行するレポートのトピックに関してご要望がございましたら、以下のメールアドレス迄ご連絡下さい。 メールアドレス:info.jp@aon.com



Aug 2020  Japan Update : Amendments to the Defined Contribution Pension Act  new!! pdf
Sep 2019 Japan Update: Financial Wellbeing    pdf
May 2019 Japan Update:  Health Insurance Associations    pdf 
Nov 2018 Japan Update: Workstyle Reform    pdf 
April 2018 Japan Update: DC fiduciary duties to be enhanced    pdf 
Aug 2017 Japan Update: Risk-Sharing Pension Plan    pdf 
Feb 2017 Japan Update: Private DC is on the Rise   pdf 



Broad Corporate Governance Changes Proposed in Canada

On April 8, 2019, the federal government of Canada introduced Bill C-97 to implement certain provisions of the budget and other measures. The Bill proposed several important amendments to the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA), forcing prescribed corporations to develop new remuneration approaches and meet new requirements. This article takes a closer look at the planned regulatory changes and how to best prepare your firm for what lies ahead.

Infographic: Is Your Audit Function Keeping Pace with the Market?

In this infographic, we walk through recent trends for the audit function in universal banks and discuss how to measure and interrogate your audit function performance data.

Why It Pays to Find Your Balance

Between the changing regulatory environment and evolving customer demands, wealth managers are realizing that incentive plans must reflect more than just shareholders’ needs, leading to the use of a broader set of metrics, often in a balanced scorecard approach. This article outlines how to strike the right balance between multiple quantitative and qualitative metrics to ensure firms remain competitive, create desired outcomes, and are in line with regulatory principles when creating a well-functioning incentive scheme.

Benchmarking 101: How to Benchmark, and Why It Matters

To recruit top talent in today’s competitive market, it’s important to know what your peers are paying and compare your compensation strategy against this data. Regularly benchmarking your firm’s positions to survey matches is the best place to start. This article delves into the ins and outs of benchmarking and provides a quick guide for making the process as seamless and effective as possible.

Important Tax Changes Affecting Employee Retirement Plans in Asia

Tax, administration, and financing updates have been implemented in Hong Kong and Singapore.
From reviewing longstanding processes and ensuring compliance for recently required reporting, to reassessing and communicating new tax deductions and exemptions, the topics outlined in this article highlight key changes and provide more information on what employers can do to effectively manage these changes so there are no surprises in the near term.

The Spotlight: Warren Rosenstein, Partner, Global Head of FinTech, Consulting Services, and Regional Head of Latin America

Warren Rosenstein has global responsibility for McLagan’s financial technology and consulting services practices and oversees the firm’s Latin America financial services business. Warren helps clients build customized reward and human capital strategies that support each firm’s unique business requirements. He has designed solutions ranging from job architecture, performance management, incentive design, salary banding, compensation philosophy, staffing models, and productivity optimization.

Are Performance Ratings Really a Thing of the Past?


Major companies are dropping the use of performance ratings when it comes to managing their employees. Is this the common future trend, and how are firms responding? This article takes a closer look at new performance strategies that are happening across the globe, with a specific focus on Asia and the financial services sector.