リインシュアランスソリューション | PathWise®

PathWise® (パスワイズ)

Next Generation Tool:

Extremely fast GPU simulation platform developed for the life insurance industry by Aon
Game Changer:

PathWise® holds the promise of changing the traditional way of risk management, pricing, reporting and economic value-based valuation
One platform serves all purposes:

PathWise® offers ESG, Insurance Liability calculation, Asset model, Reporting and Database in one platform in order to efficiently run complex asset and liability simulations together

Benefits of using PathWise

● Nested Simulations(入れ子構造のシミュレーション)
Purpose built enterprise platform for complex IFRS 17 and Solvency II compute intensive stochastic-on-stochastic simulations
徹底したストカスティック・オン・ストカスティックのシミュレーションが求められる複雑な やソルベンシーII計算のために開発された全会社統合プラットフォームです

● Transparency (透明性)
Better peer reviewing and auditing confidence

● Speed(スピード)
Greater accuracy and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the calculations can be done in time

● Flexibility(柔軟性)
Greater capacity for sensitivity testing on the most volatile balance sheet and income statement line items

● Controls(コントロール)
PathWise® more than pays for itself through permanent elimination of legacy software maintenance and for cloud users elimination of very costly non-scalable server capacity

● Efficiency(効率性)
Clients can reduce the need to add extensive staff and consulting professionals as they prepare for the new regulatory and accounting requirements

● Hedging(ヘッジ)
Decreased hedge breakage


PathWise can be utilized for(パスワイズの用途):

  • ERM (統合リスク管理)
  • EV calculation (エンベッデッド・バリュー計算)
  • Full-scale ALM (本格的なALM)
  • Automation of Financial reporting (財務報告書作成の自動化)
  • Product development and Pricing (新商品開発とプライシング)
  • Capital planning (資本戦略)
  • Reserving (保険負債評価)
  • Auditing (監査)
  • Real-time hedging (リアルタイムのヘッジ)