Cyber Diligence Solutions

Navigating digital threats and identifying opportunities throughout the lifecycle

Dealmakers are increasingly challenged to create long-term value while navigating a complex digital landscape. Aon’s specialist Cyber M&A Solutions are tailored to our client’s deal-flow timelines and exiting portfolio requirements.

Throughout the deal lifecycle, Aon helps you safeguard existing investments and execute transactions with improved valuations and reduced cyber risk exposure

Global costs of cyber security are predicted to be $5.2 trillion by 2024. While technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Data Analytics can increase value, they can also increase the possibility of cyber-attack.

Aon helps you safely execute your transaction at the right price point. We provide insights to help you craft deal terms to mitigate or transfer cyber risks such as system downtime, customer claims and non-compliance with data protection regulations. Once a deal is closed, it is necessary for a company to remediate any cyber security and data privacy issues identified during the diligence process. Aon helps you manage this critical process of securing your business during the post-close 100-day period.

We deliver the tools with deep Cyber and Transaction advisory industry expertise, to develop strategies that protect your organization against threats and vulnerabilities, today and in the future.

Our solutions:

To address these risks, clients must gain an understanding of the cyber risk exposure and cyber maturity throughout their business. To support our clients, Aon has developed a suite of solutions to mitigate cyber risks and enhance value.

Our Solutions:

  • Cyber Portfolio Scanner
  • Cyber Financial Quantification
  • Portfolio Company Cyber Assessments
  • Virtual CISO
  • Penetration Test and Red Team Assessments
  • Incident Response Readiness

During this period, businesses are at their highest-levels of risk exposure as the organizational boundary is reshaped. Aon’s specialist Cyber M&A experts have executed some of the largest transactions globally and bring this expertise, methodology, and tools for our clients.

  • Sell-side Vendor Assistance
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Security/Data Carve-out
  • Security Target Operating Model


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