Cyber Transaction Advisory Services

Revealing and managing cyber risk in M&A

For M&A professionals evaluating a target, cyber due diligence quantifies cyber risks and the impact of valuations, along with other factors to inform the deal hypothesis. Cyber can be the risk with the largest financial downside, yet is often neglected during M&A transactions. Cyber diligence is a critical step businesses can take to avoid an acquisition where there is an active or potential customer or IP data breach, business disruption or data regulatory non-compliance.

Aon’s Cyber M&A specialists build an evidenced-based view of the target business using specialist tools, combined with years of M&A experience to help inform your deal strategy and achieve the best valuation for the least amount of risk.  

Cyber Transaction Advisory Services include:

Cyber Red-Flag Review

Aon conducts an external analysis of the target business to determine whether there are critical cyber risks, including indicators of compromise, deep & dark web findings and financial risk quantification.

Cyber Due Diligence

Through comprehensive due diligence, Aon analyzes the adequacy of key security domains in alignment with the target’s operating model and deal hypothesis that can be leveraged by investment teams.

Advanced Cyber Due Diligence

For critical deal situations, Aon provides advanced cyber capabilities, including penetration testing, continuous vulnerability assessments, threat hunting, and forensic investigation.

Source Code Diligence

Aon conducts a quantitative analysis of source code to determine code quality, maintainability and ownership as well as highlight security vulnerabilities and required.

Data Protection and Compliance 

Aon provides insights on potential exposure to data privacy laws, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act. 

First 100-days Remediation Plan

Aon formulates a concise list of remediate activities identified during cyber diligence to execute during post-deal to secure the asset.

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The Aon Advantage

Aon’s dedicated Cyber Security Due Diligence team provides tailored and consultative service to improve your investment strategy. We help clients negotiate better deal teams, secure their new portfolio companies, and position them for success. Our Cyber M&A advisors understand the complexities and time sensitivities of the deal lifecycle and work closely with your deal team to identify areas of risk and opportunity.