Enhanced Due Diligence Solutions

Secure investments with a comprehensive view of risk

From having the tools needed to negotiate a best-in-class deal to paving the way to a smooth integration or creation of a new platform for future growth, buyers must undertake thorough diligence across an evolving array of risks to drive success. Aon brings together a deeply experienced team of intellectual property experts, cyber security specialists, and M&A, insurance and human capital professionals to provide the broadest view of risk in the industry to conduct comprehensive deal diligence and improve deal outcomes.

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Risk and Insurance Diligence

Thorough due diligence quantifies quality of earnings and balance sheet decision points and retained and transferred risks, while also identifying go-forward options to understand and quantify the risks assumed as a deal is negotiated. Aon’s M&A diligence professionals identify deficiencies and opportunities, and offer solutions that can affect deal terms, purchase price, and return on investment. We address situations ranging from uncovered emerging risks to appropriateness of collateral.

Cyber Transaction Advisory Services

Cyber risk is a leading strategic threat to deal outcomes. To address this risk, firms must gain an understanding of the cyber risk exposure early in the M&A deal lifecycle. M&A cyber diligence is critical to identifying potential threats to the value of your investment. Aon’s cyber professionals will assess your target’s cyber risks and vulnerabilities while strictly adhering to your deal time frame.  

Human Capital Diligence Solutions

Proper diligence of a target’s talent, benefits, and rewards programs, and human resources operations will help you quantify financial liabilities and compliance risks to provide insight into their financial model, helping you negotiate more competitive pricing. Aon helps provide practical guidance to reach your business goals by providing valuable insights on people-related risks and obligations that can make, break, or shape the deal.

Intellectual Property Diligence Solutions

Investment in intellectual property has changed the global landscape across industries. Many companies, however, have been slow to adopt new approaches to managing and valuing their intellectual property portfolios to create enterprise value. Aon helps clients protect and maximize their most valuable assets in today’s business world—their intellectual property.

Source Code Diligence Solutions

Acquiring software in a transaction presents unique risks. We understand that your investment relies on the ability to integrate and update the software, and our tech-savvy clients want insights into their source code investments and the human capital behind that code beyond the standard open source report.