Intellectual Property Valuation Solutions

Realize the greatest value from your intellectual property

Intellectual property assets are notoriously opaque and difficult to value leaving those buying or selling a company challenged to set the right price or unlock the value of assets already developed or acquired. Leveraging a proprietary analytics platform, Aon provides a current assessment of your intellectual property by applying a deep qualitative and quantitative understanding to the assets to develop and articulate holistic valuation models.

Aon’s valuation services support you with: 


Our highly experienced team leverages Aon’s proprietary technology to help you identify and prioritize targets based on intellectual property strength and market opportunity, and inform buy-side negotiations.


Aon delivers a sophisticated qualitative and quantitative approach to valuing intellectual property.

  • Qualitative Intellectual Portfolio Review: Aon uses proprietary data analytics to generate a qualitative view of the value of an intellectual property portfolio around the scope of claims coverage, market opportunities, and risk factors associated with the portfolio.
  • Quantitative Review: Aon applies different methodologies, including market, cost, and income approaches, to value intellectual property to address the market dynamics of the contemplated transaction, including liquidation to going-concern settings.

Alternative financing

Aon helps you unlock the value of your intellectual property by providing accurate and timely valuation of your intellectual property assets to support a variety of capital management efforts, including intellectual property-backed financing, risk transfer strategies, and intellectual property asset monetization strategies. 


When selling a company or portfolio asset, or taking your company public, Aon can help identify buyers or investors whose business strategies align with the company being sold and help you articulate value to the Street to maximize returns. 

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The Aon Advantage

Protecting Assets and Creating Enterprise Value

Aon’s Intellectual Property Solutions team helps clients protect and maximize their most valuable asset in today’s business world—their intellectual property. Aon brings the best minds and strong analytical tools to provide a comprehensive approach to intellectual property strategy, valuation, and risk management across a client’s business. We go beyond looking at the legal frameworks to align current and future intellectual property assets with a business’ overarching strategy.