Intellectual Property Solutions

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Aon brings a deep understanding of both mergers & acquisitions and intellectual property to develop uniquely tailored solutions that address both opportunity and risk within each deal. We apply a comprehensive approach to intellectual property across a client’s intellectual property portfolio by applying our three pillars of strategy, valuation and risk. Our clients are secure in knowing that their deals are managed by a team whose experience and global expertise are unsurpassed in the industry. 

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Intellectual Property Strategy Solutions

Aon works with you to grow enterprise value by developing an intellectual property-based value creation strategy that aligns with your business strategy. Whether your business is anticipating acquisition activity, raising capital, preparing for an IPO, or evaluating other market-driven events, we develop value capture programs designed to optimize your intellectual property assets to improve outcomes and drive success.

Intellectual Property Valuation Solutions

Intellectual property assets are notoriously opaque and difficult to value leaving those buying or selling a company challenged to set the right price or unlock the value of assets already developed or acquired. Leveraging a proprietary analytics platform, Aon provides a current assessment of your intellectual property by applying a deep qualitative and quantitative understanding to the assets to develop and articulate holistic valuation models.

Intellectual Property Risk Solutions

The potential costs, disruption of revenue streams, and damage to brands make intellectual property one of the greatest areas of risk a company can face. Until recently, there has been a gap in the market for risk mitigation and transfer solutions that address intellectual property. To close this gap and help our clients secure these critical assets, Aon created a new breed of intellectual property tools to help our clients with strategy, valuation, and risk.