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Aon Sprinkler Certification

Aon Sprinkler Certification (ASC) has been established to provide Sprinkler Certification Services as required by NZS4541 and NZS4541 to verify that Sprinkler Systems comply with New Zealand Standards.

ASC is an accredited inspection body, headed by Chris Mak a fire protection engineer with more than 20 years experience in fire protection engineering and management. He chairs committees revising New Zealand's sprinkler and hydrant standards and sits on New Zealand’s Fire Protection Association Executive Committee, and the Department of Building and Housing's Fire Advisory Panel. He is the current President of the New Zealand Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.

Sprinkler System Reliability

New Zealand and Australia surpass the rest of the world with fire sprinkler reliability with figures as high as 99.8%. New Zealand's good record can be attributed to a number of factors, including monitoring of valves, direct connection to the Fire Service receiving equipment and the use of super-pressurized systems. 

Aon believes New Zealand's record is further enhanced by the third party inspectorate regime where the design is peer reviewed by a Sprinkler System Certifier and is certified after installation that it meets the requirements of the installation standard.

Certification detail
ASC is an Accredited Inspection Body for the purposes of Design Verification and Inspection of Sprinkler Systems to NZS4541:2003 and NZS4541:2007, and for Sprinkler Systems modified by NZ Building Code Compliance Document C/AS1.

Standard Forms - Aon Sprinkler Certification

 Form 1 Application for Approval of Basic Design Parameters
 Form 1A ESFR-Additional Information for Suppression Mode Systems
 Form 1C Application for Approval of Small Extensions and Alterations
 Form 2 Application for Approval of Residential Sprinkler System to NZS 4515
 Form 3 Declaration of Storage Intentions
 Form 19 Declaration of Storage Intentions for Extra Light Hazard Occupancies
 General Conditions of Contract
 Contract Agreement 

Technical Notes - Aon Sprinkler Certification

 TN-09-01 Flexible Sprinkler Dropper Assemblies
 TN-09-04 Sesimic Design Certificates for Tanks
 TN-09-03 Deteroriation of Water Supplies
 TN-08-02 Rev 2 -Certification of New Systems Reporting

Listed Equipment - Aon Sprinkler Certification

Aon Valve Listings (Jan 2010)
Aon Listings of Sprinklers (Jan 2010) 
Aon Miscellaneous (Jan 2010) 

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