Risks and Opportunities: 2021 Weather, Climate and Catastrophe Insight

Responding to trends from 2021 Weather, Climate and Catastrophe Insight

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As organizations and leaders strive to meet net-zero goals, the impact of climate change is felt across communities – both in physical risks as well as transition risks. From disaster response to the health of individuals most impacted by the consequences of shifting climate, organizations must be prepared to build long-term resilience while overcoming immediate challenges.

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Client Opportunities

Why choose Aon?

As climate change continues to affect the frequency and intensity of weather events – coupled with a shift in demographic patterns – the physical and intangible impacts will only increase. 

In the meantime, companies are becoming more committed to ESG and looking to explore new solutions.

Aon plays a critical role in helping clients navigate this new form of volatility and build more resilient businesses, governments and communities. We help risk managers, the insurance industry, governments, emergency management, academia and specialist sectors to:

  • navigate new forms of volatility from climate risk 
  • rethink access to capital to protect people and assets
  • address the underserved by closing the protection gap 
  • create a more resilient workforce

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