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Strategic Asset Allocation

Tappan Datta
Too much focus on short term (tactical) and very long term (strategic) asset allocation has left the medium term largely unused as a source of out-performance. We take advantage of that - Tapan Datta, Head of Asset Allocation, Aon

Where are we in the economic cycle? What is the relative value of different asset classes? How are technical factors, such as regulation, impacting prices? Aon’s Global Asset Allocation team continually asks and answers questions like these. We use our findings to help clients make timely decisions about asset allocation in their schemes’ portfolios.

  • With over 160 years’ of combined experience, the team is one of the strongest in UK investment consultancy today.
  • Our experts analyse market movements and economic conditions around the world, setting risk and return expectations for global capital markets.
  • The team use those expectations to help our clients set and, when it’s right to do so, revise their long-term investment policies.

We believe that the medium-term (1-3 years) has been under exploited as a source of investment performance. Maintaining medium-term views that complement our long-term expectations, we help our clients to determine when to make changes to their investment strategy.

Aon’s approach to asset allocation is backed up by our research and insights, published regularly on our blog or available here.

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