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Tappan Datta
Where are we in the economic cycle? What is the relative value of different asset classes? How are technical factors, such as regulation, impacting prices? Every day, my team and I ask these questions – and many more – to identify areas of potential outperformance for our clients. Tapan Datta, Head of Asset Allocation, Aon

Our research and analysis support investors to make timely allocations to investment opportunities with the potential for outperformance.

  • Our experts analyse market movements and economic conditions around the world, setting risk and return expectations for global capital markets.
  • The team use those expectations to help our clients set and, when it’s right to do so, revise their medium and long-term investment strategies and reposition their portfolios.

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© Copyright 2022 Aon Investments Limited. All rights reserved.


© Copyright 2023 Aon Investments Limited. All rights reserved.

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