Investment risks and opportunities are constantly evolving and increasingly complex. Against a backdrop of economic and market volatility, and geopolitical uncertainty, the manner and timing of investment decisions, and how they are executed, is critical to mitigating risks and seizing market opportunities.

Every day, Aon’s strategic investment advisers and asset management experts bring their deep knowledge, best ideas and operational excellence to protect and grow institutional investment portfolios.

Our specialisms and solutions include:

  • Investment Consulting - investment advice and strategies tailored to institutional investment portfolios of all types and sizes
  • Asset Allocation - economic and capital markets research and analysis
  • Delegated Investment - Full and partial fiduciary management, single-strategy solutions and Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) services
  • Risk Management & Risk Settlement Investment - combined investment and actuarial expertise and risk analytics to determine the right risk/reward balance for institutional portfolios and preparation for buyout
  • Investment Manager Research - in-depth research and monitoring of investment managers and funds
  • Responsible Investment - ESG integration strategies, engagement and stewardship, net zero and impact investing.

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