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Managing volatility: riders of the storm – April 2019
Aon’s Tapan Datta joined industry experts at a portfolio institutional roundtable to discuss market expectations in the year ahead.
Includes a paper penned by Tapan: What is a transition environment?

The many facets of multi-asset – April 2019
Adrian Mitchel joins a panel of experts to discuss the definition of multi-asset investing, and how different multi-asset strategies and approaches can play a part in pension portfolios today.

Alternative investing: happy returns – February 2019
The influence of alternative assets on defined benefit (DB) pension schemes’ ability to pay member benefits is expected to remain strong. Portfolio institutional’ s Mark Dunne hosted a roundtable with Aon’s Jeffrey Malluck and industry experts to explore why.


Being ‘active’ pays – December 2018
In an article originally published in Pensions Age, Tim Giles discusses how being ‘active’ can help to improve pension scheme’s returns

When cash becomes king – November 2018
John McAleer of Aon and Graham Wardle of Legal & General Investment Management, in their roles as members of the Running Off Mature Schemes Working Party, discuss the rise of cashflow driven investment. Originally published by The Actuary, November 2018. ©The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

Emerging markets: short-term pain, long-term gain – October 2018
In this portfolio institutional roundtable, Mark Dunne asks if investors seduced by the impressive growth forecasts for emerging market economies should prepare for a bumpy ride.

The secret to success – September 2018
Tim Giles of Aon explains why being ‘active’ is key to improving your pension scheme’s outcomes in this article, first published in Professional Pensions.

Responsible Investment – August 2018
To find out what responsible investment means to this panel of industry experts, including Aon’s Tim Manuel, plus their views on other topics in this space, you can read the full article here.

The road less travelled – July 2018
Jeffrey Malluck explores alternative investment strategies in this article, first published in PMI News.

PI Roundtable - Factor Investing - May 2018
Fixed income is the new frontier for factor investing. Pursuing value, momentum, quality or low volatility strategies in bond and credit markets is yet to reach the levels of popularity enjoyed on the equity side of portfolios.

Q&A with Aon’s pension experts: maximising returns – May 2018
Maximising returns is one of the responsibilities of pension scheme trustees. How can they best achieve this in a risk-controlled way? How can trustees maximise their own effectiveness, and that of their investment portfolio, to deliver the best returns for their scheme? Aon’s Daniel Peters and Sonia Gogna discuss in a Q&A with PMI News.

ESG: Better long-term outcomes?
John Belgrove, Senior Partner at Aon, contributed to an ESG roundtable with Portfolio Institutional where ESG-led investment was discussed. The write-up was first published with Portfolio Institutional in the April/May issue.

Multi-asset investing: Testing times
Daniel Peters, partner and investment consultant at Aon, sat on a Roundtable with Portfolio Institutional to examine multi-asset investing and debate on where multi-asset funds stand following the recent dose of market volatility. The write-up was first published with Portfolio Institutional in the March/April issue.

Absolute Return Fixed Income - Positive returns in a rising rate environment
This article was first published by Pension Fund Service.

Global Equities Roundtable
John Belgrove, Senior Partner at Aon, sat on a Global Equities Roundtable with Portfolio Institutional to discuss the pros and cons of building a global equity portfolio. The write-up was first published with Portfolio Institutional in the January issue.

ESG Panel
Tim Manuel at Aon contributes to a panel of ESG experts on what they are expecting to see in this market in the next 12 months. This article first appeared in Portfolio Institutional in their January issue.


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