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Evolving opportunities in a volatile market – listen again to our webinar with Insurance Asset Risk – June 2019

These are challenging times for insurers’ investments. Monetary tightening, political instability and fears over the end of the credit cycle are weighing on sentiment across asset classes. Insurers also have to face the challenges posed by climate change and emerging cyber risks, as well as an unusual amount of fluidity in the economic and financial system.

At our recent webinar, held with Insurance Asset Risk, we explored the current trends, challenges and opportunities for insurers in this new reality. You can listen again to it here.

Should you be considering responsible investment? – March 2019

Responsible investments that take into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are increasing in popularity among insurers and other institutional investors. Our whitepaper explores the reasons for this, and the benefits to insurers of taking a holistic approach to both their assets and liabilities.

Insurance Asset Management Europe 2019 – January 2019

This report, produced by Clearpath Analysis, examines the economic and market hurdles facing asset allocators in their quest for outperformance. Includes an article by Aon exploring how insurers can uncover and manage global investment opportunities, manage tail risk, and adapt investment strategies in a changing risk and regulatory environment.

Optimising capital through investment efficiency – January 2019

Even if returns on insurers' traditional investments are lower now than they were 10 years ago, the insurance companies profitability is driven by investments. However that is not always integrated in the firms' business model, as participants discuss in part two of this roundtable from Insurance Asset Risk and Aon.

Optimising capital through investment efficiency – January 2019

What is the role of investments in insurance companies' capital optimisation? Participants discuss in part one of this two-part roundtable from Insurance Asset Risk and Aon the opportunities and challenges for insurers' investments and how it fits into life and P&C insurers' business models.



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