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Tim Giles
Investment strategy drives risk and return. But what works for one client could be completely inappropriate for another. We build investment strategies based on individual beliefs and circumstances to maximise reward and minimise risk - Tim Giles, Head of UK Investment, Aon 

Aon’s approach to investment strategy balances sponsor and trustee agendas, across appropriate timescales and with a tolerable level of risk. Backed by our asset engine and actuarial skills, our investment expertise covers both sides of the pension fund balance sheet.

We use our size and position as a market leader to:

  • Create tailored investment strategies
  • Ensure those strategies foster strong partnerships with all stakeholders
  • Design strategies that take risk in areas we expect to be rewarded efficiently
  • Blend our actuarial and investment experience to create the ideal balance between liability risks and asset risks.

Getting the right balance between risk and reward means understanding every scheme’s unique circumstances as the starting point for their investment strategy.

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