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Week In Markets
Our team of global asset allocation experts, led by Tapan Datta, assess economic data from around the world, analysing movements in markets over the last week.

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Capital Market Assumptions
Aon’s Capital Market Assumptions are our asset class return, volatility, and correlation assumptions. Developed by Aon's Global Asset Allocation Team, they represent the long-term capital market outlook (ie. 10 years) based on data at the end of the third quarter of 2019. Download here.


AA View: 2020 and beyond – It is so much harder to get return
Aon’s Global Asset Allocation Team considers the prospects for 2020 and beyond and explores if markets will carry on rising – and, if so, how strongly. Request paper.


AA View: The year that was – The Midas touch in action
Tapan Datta, Global Head of Asset Allocation at Aon, takes a look at the calendar year just completed and assess how well the markets did. Request paper.


AA View: UK in recession – or very near it
Hopes that the economy had made a comeback over the summer are now disappearing. The latest readings from the economy suggest that any comeback is elusive. Tapan Datta considers whether the UK is now in recession.


AA View: Brexit: A Strategy shift for the PM?
Aon’s Derry Pickford explores why no deal risks are not just for Halloween!


AA View: Brexit Update
Markets have become increasingly unnerved by Brexit news with sterling temporarily breaking the post-referendum low this week. Our base case, here in Aon’s global asset allocation team, has been that tensions would rise once Boris Johnson became PM but that Parliament would likely force an extension. However, the ability of Parliament to prevent a no deal exit is becoming trickier. We have long emphasised that no deal risks are not just for Halloween – here’s why. Request paper.


AA View: Gilt yields go even lower
Gilt yields have moved still lower. And, a disorderly Brexit could take yields lower still. This paper explores why, and asks: how should investors respond? Request paper.


AA View: Why have global bond yields fallen so much?
In this paper, Aon’s Global Asset Allocation Team asks why global bond yields have fallen so much in the last year and looks ahead to the next year or two to consider what might happen. Largely, it will depend on whether the three surprise factors, which have driven yields decisively lower this year, will continue to strengthen or weaken as we look ahead. Request paper.


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