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Risk Management

Deriving investment strategy from a three-yearly modelling exercise that uses assumptions rooted in past experience has not, of late, served investors well. A solution is to model more often, and use assumptions that reflect prevailing conditions and the outlook that markets are currently implying.

We bring the shared insight and skills of our investment and actuarial experts, powered by data and analytics, to help investors:

  • Understand the nature of their asset and liability risks
  • Project the potential outcomes and sources of risk to investment portfolios
  • Design and test a wide range of possible solutions for individual schemes
  • Monitor assets, liabilities and risks in real time.

Access our research and online tools:

Aon’s Global Pension Risk Survey: Investment considerations for maturing DB schemes
Risk Analyzer: Aon's online valuation, monitoring and risk analytics system
Aon's Pensions Risk Tracker: Daily monitoring of pension scheme funded positions and risk levels

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