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Pathways to an Inclusive Innovation Economy

The Apprenticeship Opportunity

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that there are over 11 million job openings in America and only 6.7 million available workers as of March 2022. Fueled by the recent “Great Resignation” the gap between number of openings and number of unemployed people has continued to grow. The issue doesn’t come from the availability of jobs or talent, but from connecting future workers to opportunities and closing the “training gap.”

At Aon, we believe we have a part of the solution! Professional apprenticeship programs can bridge the gap between entry level positions that require aptitude, ambition, on-the-job training and a talented workforce eager to earn as they learn. Beginning with deferring the requirement for a college degree on certain entry level positions, companies open the door of opportunity to more individuals. Greater diversity and the ability for workers who have been displaced by economic transformation create a workforce that is inclusive and resilient.

Key Components of an Apprenticeship Program

  • 1 Paid Job
  • 2 Skilled Supervision & Mentorship
  • 3 Classroom Learning
  • 4 Work-based Learning
  • 5 Credentials


Apprenticeships present a unique opportunity for employers to address the talent needs in their organizations by hiring from a more broad and diverse candidate pool. Apprenticeship programs can vary in length and focus depending on a few factors: the nature of the business, the requirements of the role and the specific needs of the role.

There are countless highly capable and eager future colleagues without a degree or corporate experience. An apprenticeship model provides an engine to greatly expand access to this pool of talent, provide career opportunities to individuals and build a diverse, resilient workforce prepared to take on the risks and challenges of a future with greater volatility, but no less opportunity.

Apprenticeship Ecosystem

A successful apprenticeship program is part of an "ecosystem" which includes employers, educational providers, and community based organizations.

Apprenticeship Ecosystem

Apprenticeships also help individuals re-skill or make a mid-career transition into a new industry. As technology continues to disrupt industries and change job requirements, there is a growing need to establish a new “on-ramp” for professional roles.

Apprenticeship programs drive workforce development and create economic opportunities in the communities we work and live in. They also help strengthen relationships between employers and their communities. Apprenticeships have proven success across a wide variety of industries, including technology, trades and professional positions. Many employers have successfully implemented apprentice programs by adopting some key steps, components and elements when starting a program and joining an employer network.

Aon has assembled resources and information for employers interested in learning more. We are excited to connect with our fellow employers looking to nurture the future leaders of tomorrow.

Colleague Insights

Find out more about Life at Aon as our Colleagues share their stories around our Culture, Values, Opportunities and their own Aon journeys.

National Apprenticeship Week 2022 Chicago Event Highlights

Bridging the Gap Between Talent and Opportunity

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