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Broad-Based Compensation

Pay is critical in attracting, retaining and motivating the talent you need to maintain your competitive edge.

Unprecedented economic changes are impacting how companies approach compensation and talent management this year. Allow Aon's Broad-Based Compensation consulting services to help you anticipate and solve your most complex compensation and talent related challenges.

We offer a complete solution that includes full services in compensation design, delivery and communication. We ensure that your pay programs are effective, competitive and aligned with your business goals — yet are simple enough for employees to understand and HR to administer. We look at your entire pay structure — from base pay to bonus opportunities — to help you understand where your program is relative to the competition, where you want to be and how to get there. It's an approach that shifts compensation to performance-based programs and emphasizes the combined value of pay and benefits.

Our Broad-Based Compensation consulting services offer:

  • Total rewards strategy and design
  • Broad-based pay analysis
  • Salary structure development
  • Global compensation management
  • Incentive plan design
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Compensation surveys
  • Market pricing
  • Job evaluation
  • Data solutions

Our consulting solutions are backed by a wealth of diagnostic tools to support data-driven decision making in an evolving marketplace, including:

  • Total Compensation Measurement™
  • Salary Increase Survey

Learn more about our data solutions.

Total Compensation Measurement™ is a trademark of Associates LLC

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More information?