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Vehicle insurance management

Our motor department offers a wide range of services tailored to our client needs with innovative risk management tools for small, medium and large fleets in an insurance environment ranging from traditional risk transfer solutions to full self insurance.

Consulting and advice

Vehicle fleet insurance requires both a financial and an operation evaluation of the possible scenarios for risk financing in function of the number of parties involved and the high frequency of claims. Aon is ideally placed to perform this study in an objective manner taking into account your specific environment in order to reduce the total cost of risk.

Placing and brokerage

After a thorough evaluation of the potential risk financing options, we will tender the market so as to obtain the best possible quote on price and service levels. Our structured and tested approach will deliver the most optimal long-term solution for your vehicle fleet.


Aon will draw up the Service Level Agreement, and ensure a smooth transition from the existing to the new situation by clearly defining the process with all the parties involved.


Our service can be split in several different menu options, ranging from placing to full claims and accident management. Specialized and dedicated client teams will deliver tailormade service to our clients, ranging from a small fleet of 5 vehicles to multi-brand lease companies with several thousands.

Claims and accident management

Our state-of-the-art claims management platform with real-time internet access will ensure the most efficient communication between the driver, the body repair shop, the surveyor and the insurer in order to reduce administration and keep lead times to a strict minimum. Moreover, self-insured clients such as lease companies and large corporate fleets can benefit from this platform to monitor their suppliers’ performance.

Reporting and risk management

All fleet-risk related data which is in our systems will provide our clients with an in-depth view on their costs, accident causes and driver risk profile, so that actions can be taken to increase risk awareness, driver training and internal communication to further reduce the number of claims and, thus, the total cost of risk.

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