Office location: Farnborough
Joined Aon: September 2016
What attracted you to the Aon Apprenticeship Programme?

I was accepted to study at Queens University Belfast to study Actuarial Mathematics however wanted to investigate other options for continuing my studies. The actuarial apprenticeship offered by Aon appealed to me as I believed that I would learn far better through on the job training rather than sitting in a lecture hall. I also knew how difficult it would be to find a job after university so having a head start and gaining experience whilst I was learning made the decision very easy for me. The fact I was earning a reasonable salary at the same time was just a bonus!

What have you learnt in your time at Aon?

The first few months of the apprenticeship, I learnt so much every single day. The first big thing to learn was how to work in an office environment, general information about pensions and the options people have at retirement; not the sort of thing an 18-year-old normally knows! After hard work however, I am now able to manage my work effectively and understand the importance of meeting client deadlines. I have also passed my first two CAA exams whilst being at Aon, so I have been able to learn the more book-based skills of self-study as well.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical working day for me starts with me checking and replying to my emails for any progressions in work. I then have a look at my to-do list that I usually make once a week and highlight off what I have done each day or make notes of what needs to be done the next day to progress. From then on, each day is usually a little different. I could have a range of things on my to-do list such as calculating member queries, writing various reports or completing mandatory documents for submission. I also spend half of my time on the Errors and Omissions team which involves problem solving on lots of different clients.

What have you enjoyed most about your Apprenticeship Programme?

My favourite part of the apprenticeship programme is the constant support I have received since starting it. I have a very long commute into the office and Aon have helped me work around this as I now work from home two days a week. I am also very lucky to have a social office which makes the office a lot more fun. Fridays usually include a lunch out or an evening with everyone; I have learnt that cake is also always appreciated! I have made some really great friends here and don’t regret my decision to start working straight away; I can see I have a career ahead of me full of opportunities.

What’s next for you at Aon?

I have now completed my apprenticeship and am studying for the next exams I am due to take in April. After this I hope to continue with the exams and am looking to apply for promotion in September too which will give me more responsibility and help enable me to manage more on my clients.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for the Aon apprenticeship programme?

Be yourself on the video interview and in the online application. The interview process is not just for Aon to see whether you will be good for the job but also an opportunity for you to decide whether this is the right role for you. Although you may not think it now, pensions can be fun if you are around the right people!