Apprentices at Aon

Start work or continue studying? An Aon apprenticeship lets you enjoy the best of both worlds; the opportunity to develop vital skills in the workplace and earn a competitive salary while you pursue your associate’s degree. These roles are ideal for candidates looking for their first opportunity in a corporate setting.

Aon's Unmatched Talent agenda, one of Aon's three strategic pillars, focuses on recruiting a diverse and talented workforce, developing our colleagues and ensuring they have the support and resources to grow their career within our firm. One of our key objectives within this pillar is to harness young talent and build our pipeline of future leaders.

Apprenticeships are located in Chicago, IL and Lincolnshire, IL. Candidates must qualify and be deemed college ready by at Harold Washington College (Chicago hires) by program start in January 2019, or Harper College (Lincolnshire hires) by program start in August 2019.

Are you a graduating high school senior?
Consider Aon Apprenticeship

Rising tuition fees make university an increasingly costly prospect. If you'd rather develop vital skills, make a head start in your career and learn while you earn, an Aon Apprenticeship is an excellent choice. Here's why:


You will be a permanent Aon employee.


You will earn a competitive starting salary that grows with your experience. We will support your professional studies and personal development.


You are the future of Aon. We prepare you fully for success.

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Aon Campus – Apprenticeship

Chicago, IL

As an Apprentice, you will split your 40-hour work week between your position at Aon and studying for your Associates of Applied Science degree at Harold Washington College. This is an opportunity to gain real corporate experience, develop and refine your professional skills and build meaningful relationships while earning your degree. Aon’s Apprenticeship Program is a Department of Labor certified apprenticeship program.

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