An Aon Apprentice is strategic, resilient, confident, curious, bold and creative.

To be accepted into the US program, Apprentices must have the following qualifications:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Minimum age of 18
  • Must be enrolled and fully accepted at the aligned partner college
  • A willingness to learn, both at Aon and through coursework!

Expectations: Apprentices are expected to maintain passing grades (C or higher) and meet all Aon performance standards at work throughout the duration of the program.

How will your existing skills set you up for success?

  • Your openness to learning, training and development will allow you to begin contributing to the team quickly and progress your career.
  • Basic computer skills – any experience with Microsoft products (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) is always a plus, although we offer training designed to build upon these skills – no need to be an expert!
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills with the ability to effectively communicate by email and phone will enable you to connect and collaborate with your team members and clients.
  • Your skills in time management, prioritizing tasks throughout the day and paying close attention to detail will be key!

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Salaried Position, Paid-For Tuition

Apprentices spend 40 hours per week, split between work and attending classes to complete their Associate Degree with a concentration in business. Aon covers salary, benefits, tuition, fees and books.