Create a Benefits Strategy That Delivers Workforce Resilience

One of the biggest risks facing businesses today is a workforce ill-equipped for what’s ahead. Your people’s health, wellbeing and connection to your company are critical to your organization’s ability to adapt to a new working world.

At Aon, we bring more to the table by listening first, and problem-solving second. We ensure that every solution we implement is underpinned by building resilience into your people strategy.

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While wellbeing programs are widespread and continue to expand. Only…


of employees are actually resilient.*

*based on the factors of resilience identified in the report

Isolated Efforts Don’t Deliver Resilient Results

We know that companies need to take a strategic approach to their wellbeing and benefits programs. That’s why we work with our client partners to ensure that your efforts are greater than the sum of their parts.

Aon's workforce resilience consultancy framework

Protect Your People From All Angles

To nurture a truly resilient workforce you must build your benefits strategy around the bigger picture, informed by global trends while remaining locally relevant. Every day, we empower our clients to make better decisions that enable them to protect and grow their organizations through their people.

Commercial Risk

Shifts in technology, economics and geopolitics are creating unprecedented volatility. We help clients identify, measure and manage their risk exposure.


Health is declining, costs are rising and workers have vastly different needs. We help companies improve employee health and wellbeing while managing costs.


Businesses, governments and communities need to become more resilient. Our expertise and insight help re/insurers navigate uncharted territories and create more relevant solutions.


Global business is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. We help employers, fiduciaries and investment officers optimize results and provide a more secure future for their stakeholders.

Today's talent demands more benefits options, including socially and environmentally conscious benefits. People also expect anytime, anywhere access that is personalized to them and their needs. Delivering on these needs will help organizations to not only appeal to a diverse workforce, but will help them to promote inclusivity, build workforce resilience, and deliver value for their people, communities and the environment.

Andrew Krawczyk, EMEA commercial leader, Aon

Is Your Workforce

To find out more about how a culture of resilience is helping businesses navigate volatility, explore our latest insight.

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