Unlock Your Workforce’s Potential With Data Insights

Your employee data could hold the key to unlocking your workforce’s potential – but it can also be one of your biggest risks.

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It’s Time To Get To Grips with Employee Data

Employee health data is crucial for people leaders; it’s a goldmine of insight that can help you build resilience into your workforce. But in a world where cyber crime is on the rise, how can you ensure that data is secure and meaningful? Discover how people leaders can protect employee privacy while unlocking wellbeing-boosting insights.

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Data-Driven Benefits Strategies

From evaluating your organization’s health against industry benchmarks, to keeping track of benefits uptake, Aon’s approach ensures your decisions are informed.

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Discover our Data Fortress

Experts in risk mitigation, at Aon we take cyber security seriously. Informed by our Global Security Standards as well as globally recognized best practices, The Benefits Solution is a fortress designed to reduce your people risk.

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We now have access to extensive operation dashboards for each country, providing critical management information to help us understand exactly what’s working or not in each country. This also provides annual spend data to help drive our benefits strategy, so we can measure which benefits are popular or under-utilized and where to make strategic decisions that will better support both employees and the business.

Tony Ark, Head of benefits EMEA, Invesco