Create a Benefits Experience That Inspires Your People

Our technology ensures that your benefits are available anytime, anywhere – keeping you connected to your workforce’s wants and needs, no matter where in the world they are. With the investment you make in your workforce always accessible to your people, and your decisions informed by the insight it provides, The Benefits Solution makes progressive people strategies achievable.

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*Aon Benefits & Trend Survey 2021.

of employers say communicating with their employees is a higher priority since COVID-19.

Bridge the Benefits Communication Gap

Our extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients, means we know how to deliver a solution that is bespoke to your benefits and clearly communicates what is on offer to your workforce.

Technology to Take you Forward

As an all-in-one platform, The Benefits Solution provides insights that shape better decisions. Enabling you to be better informed about the health and wellbeing of your workforce, and better advised on how to action progressive people strategies.

Stay connected to your worldwide workforce with globally consistent and locally customizable communications, tailored to individual and group requirements.

Take ownership of a benefits solution that was made for your brand.

Focus on the bigger picture, with automated processes and an extended Aon support team working hard on your behalf.

Make smarter decisions and reduce broking costs with actionable insights that inform and evolve your offering.

Empower your people with an instantly accessible, fully integrated online and app experience that boosts both employee enrichment and workforce wellbeing.

Showcase your value, with easily accessible EVPs proving to your people that you go above and beyond, and measurable ROIs increasing buy-in from above.

It was very important to ensure that our new portal was aligned to Invesco’s benefits philosophy and purpose. By using the new benefits platform, we’ve already seen major advances in efficiency and accuracy. Across EMEA, employee engagement levels have significantly increased, with over 90 percent of employees in each country engaging with the platform regularly.

Tony Ark, head of benefits EMEA, Invesco

Technology That Grows With You

We are continually evolving The Benefits Solution to deliver the best experience for your people. Whether you want to encourage benefits enrollment, promote health campaigns, take a deep dive into the wellbeing data or simply have a more engaging way of presenting total rewards statements that feels appropriate for your organization — The Benefits Solution is continually designed to meet the needs of diverse enterprises.

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Understanding Your User Experience

Our ongoing research with existing users, clients and external organizations ensures that The Benefits Solution continues to provide the best experience for employees and meets evolving needs of people managers.

Designed for Simplicity

Our solution provides a streamlined experience that enables employees to have anytime, anywhere, any device access to their rewards and benefits.

An Engaging Experience

A platform that caters to individual employees, with bespoke recommendations and personalization for a unique and relevant user experience.

A Centralized View

The Benefits Solution integrates with your wider HR systems, providers and data, ensuring you and your team benefit from a seamless and centralized experience.

Welcoming Employees to Access Benefits

Employees join the The Benefits Solution with guided user journeys, so they are supported to explore their benefits right away. Enrollment signposting allows employees to easily build their own profile and set personal preferences, with clear prompts as they are inducted into your organization.

An Engaging Benefits Solution

From decreasing friction by providing single sign-on features that maintain enterprise-grade security standards, to increasing administrative efficiency for you and your team — The Benefits Solution is continually-tested and improved by our insights from our global user base. Managing over 7.5 million employee interactions each year*, we know what it takes to ensure benefits management works for you and your people.

*The Benefits Solution: 2021 Usage Data

An Accessible Benefits Solution

The Benefits Solution enables organizations to ensure all employees have full and equitable access across the platform. This enables each and every person in your workforce to access all their benefits and supports diverse needs.

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Part of Your Story

More than the go-to hub for administration, The Benefits Solution is designed to integrate with your HR communications plan. Offering integrated campaign management (self-service, or fully managed), our clients can ensure their employees stay connected to your goals with fresh, relevant content.

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Funding the Future of Benefits

Aon delivers an innovative all-in-one benefits solution in an evolving landscape of employee and business needs. Offering multiple funding options that enable your evolving portfolio of benefits, such as payroll deductions, direct pay, and through defined ‘accounts’, our solution ensures the agility you need to continually address the shifting needs of your employee population while ensuring cost efficiency and return on engagement.