Until now, the link between wellbeing and company performance has been unclear at best.

But Aon’s 2021 Global Wellbeing Survey looks at the direct link between employee wellbeing and business performance – shining a light on the impact that happy, healthy employees can have.

Comprehensive global research

Aon’s 2021 Global Wellbeing Survey asked 1,648 companies across 41 countries how they are addressing wellbeing and the tangible impact that a wellbeing program has on their business performance.

Key findings

“Focusing on improving the performance of individual and organizational wellbeing has a direct impact on improving business outcomes”

Stress, burnout, and anxiety are the top wellbeing risks impacting company performance


of organizations globally believe wellbeing is important within their company, and a key focus


of companies have wellbeing initiatives in place, but only 55% have a strategy

Download the full report to understand how:

  • Companies are implementing wellbeing strategies
  • Wellbeing can make an impact on business performance
  • Wellbeing strategies sit alongside benefits offerings
  • Some areas of wellbeing are overlooked
  • To implement key wellbeing actions and steps for success
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