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Affinity Programs

Aon Affinity

Aon Affinity programs integrate insurance product development, marketing, delivery and services for a group of individual/SME include corporate client’s staff and customers, members of Association etc. We offer the most competitive and best value in insurance products to create a mutual benefit to all parties involved.

Why choose Aon Affinity?

Reasons to choose Aon Affinity

  • To Strengthen Members Relationships
    – As your privileged member, they can enjoy discounts on selected insurance covers

  • To Enhance Customers Loyalty
    – We can architect insurance products that complement your products and services for your Customers

  • To Benefit your Staff
    – By offering exclusive insurance products at worksite under Staff Scheme and/or Voluntary Employee Benefits

  • For Tailored Coverage
    – To suit your Staff’s, Members’ and Customers’ demographics and special needs through statistics and analytics

  • For We Make Easy Access
    – We explore every possibility for product delivery. We offer customized online sales portal that can link to your intranet/ website for your Staff, Members and Customers

  • For We Provide Flexibility and Support
    – We can virtually make any arrangement at your will such as embedding with your products/ services. We also provide administration support and hotlines for enquiries

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