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Trade Credit

Trade Credit


Aon Trade Credit is the world's largest specialist credit insurance broker.  Our major role is to design, arrange and negotiate credit insurance and finance packages to complement our client's existing credit management practices.  We also arrange political risk insurance and provide professional advice to companies to protect international trade and foreign investments and assets against the "political risk" of unforeseen action or inaction of foreign governments or government entities.

With resources in Singapore and London, we have a global distribution network of 56 offices in 26 countries, delivering solutions and providing ongoing support to our clients wherever they are in the world.  In Hong Kong, we play a crucial role for the Greater China region.


Our Capabilities 

  • Trade credit insurance

           An unparalleled technical knowledge and market influence to negotiate the most appropriate and competitive solutions for our clients to help them protect their current assets, improve their cost of borrowing, reduce possible bad debt provisions and create new sources of capital.

  • Political risk insurance

           Specialized in providing solutions to protect their international business and investment against political risks.

  • Kidnap and ransom insurance

           Protection plan for both individuals and commercial organizations with comprehensive cover against kidnap and ransom, extortion, wrongful or illegal detention and hijack while traveling by air, land or water.


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