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The High Cost of Employer Health Plans

Benefits are an important element of employee attraction and retention. Employees are looking for comprehensive, affordable health benefits, but employers are struggling to keep up with the rising costs. U.S. employers are spending more than ever on employee benefits, but employees often fail to recognize the true value of those benefits.

Employee job satisfaction has been constantly dropping over the last 20 years, with compensation and benefits among the top factors for the downward trend.


Employers continue to make plan design changes each year that shift healthcare expenses to their employees.


Medical costs continue to grow faster than inflation: 6.5% versus 2.4%.


70% of employers say they are going to be revising their total rewards strategy to accommodate the changing needs and demographics of their workforces in the next five years.


CHROs and CFOs need to model a long-term benefits plan approach that incorporates both costs and employee perceptions.


Introducing Aon Architect

Introducing Aon Architect, an innovative and streamlined approach to plan design and contribution modeling. Aon Architect helps employers thoughtfully balance financial objectives and employee satisfaction.



About Aon Architect

Aon Architect is a patented,1 data-driven solution that blends employer financials with employee perception. Aon Architect analyzes roughly 500,000 client-specific scenarios, and allows you to create and modify your own scenarios. The tool measures employee perception using proprietary data and advanced statistics, and uses machine learning to predict employee plan selection behavior.



1US Patent No. 10,402,788