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Actuarial Services

Postemployment benefit plan compliance is more important and challenging than ever. Plan sponsors must manage and align plan assets and liabilities to ensure there are no annual funding or accounting surprises, particularly important in an ever changing economic environment with increased regulatory and shareholder scrutiny. Changes in plan design, assumptions and the allocation of plan assets can all have significant influence on the financial impact of the plan.

Aon helps clients mitigate retirement plan risks with timely, accurate and cost effective actuarial services including:

  • Actuarial valuation of defined benefit pension plans
  • Supplemental non-qualified pension plans
  • Post-retirement welfare benefits

Why Aon

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer clients big picture insight into their pension plans and help them make informed, strategic decisions about plan options, improvements, innovations and possibilities.

Additionally, we recognize your tactical concerns and are committed to meeting your expectations by:

Providing Timely Solutions

Our in-depth planning, state-of-the-art tools and formalized processes allow us to guarantee we will:

  • Have your PPA funding certification by April 1 (assuming we receive data in January)
  • Turn around end-of year disclosure information within one day of receipt of information
  • Provide benefit calculations within five business days
  • Provide real-time tools to allow you to create financial projections

Delivering Accurate and Meaningful Solutions

  • Quarterly assessments of pension risk exposure to monitor funding and investment policies
  • Immediate customized alerts regarding regulatory and accounting changes that affect your plan
  • Regular compliance reviews to quickly identify and implement required changes
  • Information and explanations provided within your business context, improving response time to create and implement viable solutions

Providing Thorough Advice

  • Insightful analysis of tends in retirement benefits so you can develop a strategic plan for the future of your retirement programs that is consistent with your overall human capital and business needs
  • Information and explanations provided within your business context, improving response time to create and implement viable solutions
  • Regular updates regarding current topics that affect you and your plan, keeping you prepared and in compliance with changes in the funding, accounting and the administration of your plan
  • Forward-thinking strategies around funding and accounting policies to deliver shareholder value

Maximizing Value, Minimizing Cost

Through our efficient procedures and broad resources, we provide high-quality consulting services at very competitive fees, allowing you to gain broader services at a lower cost. We also empower our clients with financial modeling capabilities that can reduce annual fees by $50,000 or more.

Leveraging Technology

We offer a wealth of tools to help with effective design and management of retirement plans. ProVal, our valuation software, handles the most complex of plans, and delivers sophisticated asset/liability modeling capabilities. Our Risk Analyzer tool allows clients to do their own online modeling of future cash and expense requirements under various assumptions and also allows clients to monitor plan funded status on a daily basis.

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