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Investor Intel: Understanding and Building Better Relationships with your Shareholders

Why Investor Intel Tracker?

Shareholder engagement is rapidly evolving in the United States. Building effective relationships with your investors now requires coordinated and consistent year-round outreach by multiple departments in your organization. The days of occasional check-ins are over.

Investor Intel Tracker is your resource to navigating the intricacies of shareholder and proxy advisory firm policies, and successfully managing an effective outreach program. We provide data and insight include:

  • Impactful data on proxy advisory firm influence on your investor base.
  • Insight into the subtle nuances of investor policies on key issues.
  • Insight and analysis on each investor, including which issues are truly important to them, who is making the voting decisions, and their voting history.
  • Calendar functions − outline your engagement process in detail to make sure your company is staying on schedule.
  • Note taking and recall. Intuitive note entry for your engagement efforts, so everyone on your team can see the notes, aggregate key issues, and recall notes in an instant from prior engagements.

Sample Investor Intel Tracker

Investor Intel Tracker sites are customized to your company and include all the relevant investor and proxy advisory information you need. To see this in action, visit our sample site here.

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