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Case Study 1 Relying on Analytics to Build Focused Interventions to Drive Engagement

For organization 'A', in spite of exhaustive engagement surveys, action planning workshops, multiple interventions and investments, the impact on the engagement score was negligible. The organization decided to partner and leverage on the large data inputs received to build a targeted approach to driving employee engagement across employee pools.

The objective of the study was to:

1. Understand satisfaction and engagement levels of the overall as well as specific segments of employees
2. Provide specific, actionable recommendations at a granular detail in order to make meaningful interventions and ensure sustainable improvement in satisfaction, engagement and morale

Anchor Questions: The anchor questions were focused on employee satisfaction, willingness to act as an advocate for the organization and employee engagement

Themes: A dedicated set of themes were identified after brainstorming with the HR team, to identify key areas which impact the employee's engagement and collect more focused data. The themes ranged from co-workers,work content, integrity and communication, value to Total Rewards, manager and performance management

Segmentation Analysis: The analysis was done at multiple levels such as horizontal levels, business units, enabling units, geography, employee band, tenure in the company, custom dimensions Gen Y, B School hires, women employees, highly valued contributor, top
talent, etc.

Custom Benchmarks: Relevant benchmarks were chosen based on the employee segments at every level, right from the business unit to the individual teams

Key Driver Analysis: The drivers of satisfaction, engagement and advocacy were identified for each employee segments and manager levels. Each manager got visibility to his/her team's performance and clear mandate
on strength and improvement opportunities. Manager could also benchmark his/her team's performance relative to other teams

Verbatim Analysis: Verbatim analysis was conducted to augment the quantitative analysis with picture of employee voice drilled-down at granular levels to identify the likes and/or pain-points of employees in each segment in the form of sentiment analysis, theme and topic clouds. In-depth analysis was conducted to highlight the employee mood around particular topics such as growth, salary, HR policies, etc.

Continuous Tracking: Employee responses were tracked to key initiatives, trigger events to understand the needle moments in employee engagement. These insights were used to create meaningful short-term course correction for managers

Visualizations: Three types of reports were presented to the stakeholders manager report, functional report and executive report Managers and Functional Heads found it easy to consume personalized recommendations in the form of interactive report with appropriate visualizations and benchmarks. Engagement research experts provided critical insights and recommendations to improve employee engagement at organization level to the top executives.

The Impact: Without a drastic change in the salary framework and with re-prioritized initiatives, the organization was able to see an increase in engagement through the granular analysis and the pulse survey-driven planned interventions



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