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Professional Liability Policy Details



Aon Kazakhstan Insurance Broker LLP has the Insurance Policy No. 01-11-2023 dated 08.08.2023 issued by Victoria Insurance Company. The subject matter of this Policy is an insurable interest of the Insured against legal liability to pay compensation to third parties as a result of its business activity.

Covered risks are the following:

  • risks are associated with professional activity of the Insurance Broker.

The Insured event is defined as:

  1. third party liability as defined by the the court decision
  2. third party liability as result of the voluntary admission thereof subject to the prior consent of the Insurer.

Sum insured: KZT 1 138 500 000 in annual aggregate, but KZT 907 350 000 each and every loss.

Period: 1 (one) year from 19 August 2023 through 18 August 2024 both dates inclusive.